BQET Statement of Principles

We stand for a transformative and comprehensive plan for the BQE corridor.

We call for a solution that transforms aging infrastructure to unite communities once divided by highways and improve the lives of all New Yorkers.  

We are fighting for a visionary plan that reverses the environmental, safety, and health hazards associated with urban expressways. This plan must be environmentally resilient, designed to protect communities from the dangers of climate change, use new technologies to improve air quality and combat rising asthma rates, and create green space for all who work, live and visit here.  It must end the city’s dependance on pollution-spewing vehicles by reducing the number of vehicles on surface streets and on the BQE and by investing in better public transportation and freight systems. 

We demand a governance structure to implement this plan in which local, state, and federal representatives work together and with other community stakeholders in a transparent, efficient and collaborative manner.

We believe this critical infrastructure project is an opportunity for New York City to join other progressive cities that have chosen to transform regions once plagued by traffic and pollution into flourishing urban landscapes that reunite neighborhoods — an opportunity to be a truly progressive leader and  reimagine our great city.  The change our city so desperately needs should start here.

It would be a failure of leadership, imagination, and ingenuity for NYC to miss this opportunity.