The next public workshops on the BQE Central are February 28 and March 2, 2023 (details to come). We have asked DOT to develop a new set of concepts that would show the design possibilities for a smaller, four lane roadway (ultimately for the entire BQE corridor) that are much more responsive to climate and public health imperatives.

We are very grateful and encouraged that our local elected officials, U.S. Rep Dan Goldman, State Senator Gounardes, Assembly Member Simon, BP Reynoso, and CM Restler (along with many other officials in the North and South sections) have been beating the drum on the future of the BQE corridor and in solidarity with BQE-adjacent communities. It is imperative that NY State finally come to the table to plan the future of the BQE.

Reports and Statements

February 14, Letter to Secretary Buttigieg

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February 21, 2020, Comptroller Scott Stringer's letter to Commissioner Polly Trottenberg

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November 25, 2019, Unified Statement of BQET coalition members

Press Archive

February 16, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 17 Brooklyn officials urge Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to narrow BQE to 4 lanes

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January 26 2023, Brooklyn Paper Op-Ed on once in a generation opportunity to reimagine the BQE.

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January 11 2023, Daily Eagle reports on Weigh in Motion delays.

January 6, 2023, New York Times Op-Ed on induced demand and the fallacy of solving traffic problems by increasing lanes.

December 17, 2022, Daily Eagle: Brooklyn officials to DOT: Don't Blow this Chance!

July 8 2021, BQET publishes an Op-Ed in the NY Daily News. Download PDF.

March 5 2020, Brooklyn Daily Eagle covers the Cobble Hill Association's Town Hall.

February 26 2020, Brooklyn Daily Eagle on the February 25 Public Hearing

February 26 2020, BHA Executive Director Lara Birnback on CBS