Weigh-In-Motion Statement

January 12, 2023

The news that the implementation of the Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) program on the BQE will be delayed is extremely disappointing and highly disconcerting.

DOT must initiate WIM as soon as possible; but until the program can be implemented, the city must take immediate measures and utilize every means at its disposal to enforce the existing laws governing overweight trucks and reduce the strain on the rapidly deteriorating roadway.

For years our communities have been anticipating the start of this critical means of deterring overweight truck traffic on the most vulnerable section of the highway. We have been assured that one of the things that would assist in preventing a catastrophic collapse of the cantilever is the implementation of this very program which is now significantly delayed. Furthermore, other methods the city could have pursued to prevent structural failure have been deemed “unnecessary” as the city is endeavoring to solve for the long-term vision for the BQE corridor on an accelerated timeline. While we will continue to work in partnership with the city on the visioning and design process for a more sustainable and forward-looking B.Q.E. corridor, we must be confident that the safety of thousands of motorists, pedestrians, and our communities is being prioritized in the meantime.

You can read more about WIM and the unexpected delay in today’s Brooklyn Eagle, along with our statement and that of the elected officials.

We encourage you all to visit the DOT’s BQE project website and take the BQE survey – it’s open through January 15th.

In your response, let DOT know that a return to a six-lane highway is an unacceptable outcome and that any solution must at the very least least minimize vehicular traffic to two lanes in each direction and dramatically improve public health and air quality, reduce noise and vibrations, and meaningfully contribute to the climate goals of our city and state.